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Surveyor in Folkestone - Build Perception - We undertake building surveys and defect surveys in Folkestone.

Surveyors in Folkestone

Build Perception are local independent surveyors, carrying out home buyers surveys, building surveys and specific defect surveys in Folkestone.

We have been undertaking quality building survey inspections for over 15 years. Our inspection process is extremely comprehensive, and we use the very latest in specialist surveying equipment.

With over 25 years experience identifying defects within Property and Construction, chartered member of the CIOB and Member of the RPSA. Offering comprehensive Building Surveys across Kent, We are based in Folkestone.

Fully insured, all surveys are conducted in house and are produced in a consistent, consumer friendly format.

We are residential property surveyors in Folkestone who will carry out a thorough inspection of your property.


BuildPerception - Surveyors in Folkestone 

HomeBuyers Survey or Building Survey in Folkestone?

Typically, surveyors offer the following levels of survey 

Level 2 "Home Buyers Survey"

Level 3 "Building Survey"



Our Building Survey is unique to Build Perception, it's not like any other typical Homebuyers report or Building Survey, it's a comprehensive report that has its reader in mind.

We know that you want clear and concise information that is easy to read so that you can make an informed decision about the property you are about to buy.

BuildPerception surveyors work to standards set by the RPSA, the highest in the industry, carrying out a full and thorough visual inspection.

The Survey that we offer is suitable for all property types and offers you clear and jargon free information and advice.

Further details regarding different survey types can be found on Which.

Our Level 3 Building Survey is a full and thorough inspection, including:- 


The use of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) "Drone" to check Roofs and other hard to reach places.

Damp assessment using state of the art equipment

Subsidence, Settlement and Structural movement.

Condition of the external;

Chimneys, Roofs, Walls, Gutters, Flat roofs.

Internal roof structure and condition (the "loft").

Timber rot and damage.

Insect or Beetle infestations (also known as "woodworm").

Windows and Doors.

Services – Heating, Boiler, Electrics, Gas, Oil.

Drains – mains, private cesspits and septic tanks.

Alterations – Extensions, Loft Conversions, Chimney removals, Wall removals.

Ventilation issues.

Grounds and Boundaries.

Energy Efficiency Advice.

Conveyancing Issues – e.g. Planning and Building Control Items.

Health & Safety issues – e.g. Asbestos.

Council information.

Listed Building information.

Easy-to-read format.

Contains up to 100 photographs.

This survey provides a good depth of information about any problems found, along with relevant advice.

BuildPerception is your professional choice for building surveys in Folkestone.

New Build Snagging Survey

Specific Defect Survey in Folkestone 


A Specific Defect Survey (also known as a Specific Structural Survey or Specific Structural Inspection) is used to assess a particular problem with a property’s structure or condition. Any related building matters which are found during the inspection will also be covered. The survey goes into a similar level of detail to a Full Building Survey, but does not cover the whole property, just the specific area of concern.


Specific Defect Surveys are suitable if you believe that the rest of the property is sound, but you have concerns about one aspect.


You may be worried about something that you have spotted in a property you wish to buy. A structural inspection would allow you to get detailed information on the extent of the issue and the costs of rectifying it; this would allow you to make an informed decision on whether to proceed with the purchase or renegotiate the price.


Sometimes another surveyor will recommend further investigation by a structural engineer (particularly if their firm does not have engineers as part of the team). At other times, mortgage companies ask for a structural report covering a specific defect, and will not lend a mortgage until this has been provided.


Alternatively, it could be something in your own home that you want to check for peace of mind, perhaps before carrying out building works. An engineer can carry out a structural alterations survey to determine the suitability of the property for alterations. For example, we often carry out surveys to assess whether walls are load-bearing, or whether support beams are required to allow chimney breast removal.


Sometimes a vendor may wish to get a second opinion on an issue highlighted by a purchaser’s survey, to aid negotiations. A structural engineer’s assessment of cracking can be particularly crucial for determining whether there is movement due to subsidence, or whether cracks are superficial.

Drone Surveys

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